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Spend Analytics

Spend AnalyticsThe consolidation and classification of your company’s spend will lead to a more informed sourcing and business decision making environment saving you money and removing business risk.

3D Procurement will develop a process for:

  1. Spend analyses and classification
  2. Identify supplier rationalisation opportunities
  3. Contract and preferred supplier compliance
  4. Increasing negotiation leverage by increasing spend under management


RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader

RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader is unique for its speed and ease.  Within two minutes of downloading the application onto your desktop, you’ll be able to view data extracted from SAP and Oracle.


  • Ease:   Ready-to-run once the application has been downloaded and installed on your desktop and connection to SAP or Oracle has been approved.
  • Speed:   The secure extraction process is able to commence in just one-click following the single configuration phase.
  • Accuracy:  Accurate extraction of all data including payment-related data is guaranteed.
  • Immediate access:  View-only data in real-time as it is being extracted, including filtering, searching and grouping data.
  • Scheduling: Extraction can be scheduled to run fully automated (“unattended”/ “lights-out”) whenever.


  • Reduce IT time and costs:  RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader has no impact on your IT infrastructure since no configuration is required to use the app.
  • Empower users to assess data:  RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader gives users ability to ascertain the state of their enterprise data quickly.
  • Improve quality of enterprise data:  RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader enables you and your colleagues to benchmark and analyse data.
  • Instant extraction without programing:  RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader is a “point and extract” application that does the intelligent extracting of data for you.
  • Reduced risk and improve compliance:  RA.Pid Extract Studio Reader presents data to users.


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